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Entry #4

Nice Changes

2012-02-28 11:47:04 by Jiggmin

The new Newgrounds is nice.

The new Newgrounds game upload and API section is especially nice.


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2012-02-28 12:06:13

Hello again.


2012-02-28 13:45:53

New New Grounds is epic.
Uploaded Creation to NG yet?


2012-03-18 16:58:47

Agreed babyyy


2012-03-22 04:55:30

I agree but I'd like to talk about the chat on you're new game. It is very similiair to my chat I wnated to know how long ago you made that chat. I'm not implying you stole mine I just wanna know so people don't say I stole yours when i launch my chat. Thanks if you email me or something if not well I tried.


2012-03-26 18:25:23

go to my page and give me the link for the armor games war of the web please someone i can't find it


2012-05-07 01:27:39

Where the fuck's Neverending Light 2? I want to see Anabel naked already.


2012-05-11 17:19:51

HEy Jiggmin......My CHat aint Loading on War Of The Web........


2012-09-28 17:35:41

Dear Mr. Jiggmin,

If you are still unaware, War of the Web has developed a loading glitch for several players in which, after displaying your jingle and logo, the game gets stuck at the "updating" circle. As of today, I will stop voting 0 on it right as soon as this is fixed and I can get back to acquiring my well-earned launch medal.



2012-11-11 13:27:40

Neverending Light 2????
Have you gived up on the project?


2014-06-04 19:47:31
4 months since his last post on his own site. Are we gonna place bets on whether Neverending Light 2 comes out before Divine Intervention Part 2?


2015-05-27 21:12:25

hey jiggmin its been 3 years since you made war of the web and ever since you made war of the web you stoped making videos and videogames.


2015-12-23 00:58:08

hey jiggmin, uh could you fix the chat. the chat is down for everyone, fortunately kong has their own chat soo :/