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You submitted this same thing a while ago.

Bitey is an ass.

Yay! I've been looking forward to this movie for quite some time. Everything was beautiful and generally better than what normal humans are capable of. The sound got a little off towards the end though.


I love your sense of humor.

Tyler-Legrand responds:

I love my sense of humor, too. Thanks.

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I promised a review...

So here it is.

Gripe #1: Using the numbers, the arrow keys, and the mouse for the controls may be fine for some people, but unfortunately I don't have three hands.

Gripe #2: When you're on the equip screen, if you click on the different options, you open windows on top of each other. I'd prefer it if they replaced each other. It's a minor thing, but a gripe none the less.

Gripe #3: If the bandits are carrying a healing potion, the wouldn't they USE it rather than die?? That's a universal rpg thing that has always bugged me.

Awesomeness #1: So many weapons and armor and such! yay!

Awesomeness #2: Cool decapitations! yay!

Awesomeness #3: Good graphics! yay!

Awesomeness #4: Save feature! yay!

I've only played for about half an hour, I'll have to come back and play some more later. Cheers!

LonLonRanch responds:

Sweet thanks for the Review dude, and for Awesomeness#3: Good Graphics!? wow thats a real honor coming from someone as graphically gifted as yourself. TY

A nice time waster.

The right click menu crashes Firefox and IE on my machine. Just so you know.


Hehe, I see I'm not the only last second entry to the Valentines thing. Isn't procrastination great?

Overall, I liked the game. Though I thought it was a bit stereotypical. Good luck to ya. ;)

mofongo9 responds:

lol yup i was up until just now finishing it up lol

thanks man it was hard not to be stereotypical. however, not to brag, but i think i veered off a little bit from the usual game of shooting random floating hearts, and went into shooting ORGANIZED floating hearts

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I dunno why you're getting such negative reviews; I enjoyed zoning out to this tune.

Cuzone responds:

Some people expect perfection for free.


There are moments that sound very similar to other song(s) I've heard, but there are moments that sound plenty original as well.

I'd like to offer you some useful advice, but I'm pretty crap at music. All I know is that I liked it.

Anywho, check your messages. :)

- Jacob

Flashgigant responds:

i checked my messages :)
and i am VERY happy about this ^^


Just for the record, I've never made a song in my life and you should probably ignore me.

I think it sounded more like a bunch of random tunes that just happened to be played after one another than a single song. Maybe blend the tunes together or overlay them to help the transitions along.

Other than that I liked it; hope you make more.

Thebestgirl-2717 responds:

Thanks for the review its cool that you like it and voted me 8/10. Keep reviewing.


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